Preparing future educators to use VR and AR technology

The lab provides students in the College of Education at WSU with access to emerging technology and presentations on how to utlize VR and AR in the classroom.

Connecting Technology to the Universal Design for Learning guidelines

Through our research and activities, we are interested in connecting technology, applications, software to the Universal Design for Learning guidelines.

Exploring VR and AR as assistive Technology

Through our research and activities, we are interested in how these new technologies can support students with disabilities and their families.

Ed4all Washington

A collaborative project between the CEEDAR Center and educational organizations in Washington to provide educators in the State of Washington with knowledge mobilization support.

Mindful Washington

Mindful Washington is a series of instructional videos led by Dr. Amanda McMahon which focus on mindfulness practices and techniques.

Virtual Ecology

Virtual Ecology is a student-faculty project that serves to create virtual field trips to Kamiak Butte for undergraduate students in the School of the Environment using VR, AR, video, and audio.

Past Projects

VR Street Crossing

We worked with a special education teacher at a local elementary school to film and create a VR street crossing activity.

VR to increase physical activity/exercise in individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Read our 2019 article in the Journal of Special Education Technology.